The Fleshman Files


Green Lawn Cemetery Columbus, Ohio

 Obetz Cemetery    Columbus, Ohio

 Oak Grove Cemetery Delaware, Ohio

Wesleyan Cemetery Cincinnati, OH 

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Fleshman Doll House

Funeral Homes/Churches:

Christ Chur. Cath Cin. OH

Fuldner Mort Cincinnati, OH

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Delaware, Oh Cemetery

Green Lawn Photos by Leona L. Gustafson



These records have been provided by two cousins, one in Cincinnati and one in Delaware, who have found a common way of passing their golden years. 

The cemetery records of Green Lawn and Wesleyan Cemeteries have been abstracted from microfilm and/or cemetery records. This work has been done by Joe Fleshman and is an ongoing endeavor. 

The cemetery records of Oak Grove and others have been taken from the actual cemetery records, funeral home records and newspapers.

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